I usually like to encourage people going through a rough path because the valley isn’t exactly the coolest place to be in. I get that.  For those of you that have been there and some others who are still there, you know it’s rough and hard. It doesn’t exactly make you smile when you get […]

It Isn’t Over! 

It’s hard, I know. Trust me I’ve been there. Actually still am. They say it’ll get tough before it gets better. And you wonder, can it get any harder than this? It’s so frustrating. Sometimes you get so angry, it feels like you’ve been physically assaulted. Others times, it’s a sadness that pierces and hurts […]

Perfectly Loved! 

Sometimes I wonder if it’s true what he said. I keep remembering his words and I believe them some of the time. Today is a different matter altogether. I think it’s because I’m especially aware of my flaws and failures.  They say he still loves me. How is that even possible when I don’t even […]


So I got on my knees tonight or this morning cause it’s already past 12am to say a word of prayer just before I turn in.  And as I thanked Jesus for his love and kindness, I realized his love is actually real and he is kind.  You know sometimes prayer gets so routine, you […]

The Girl In The Shadows! 

I’m the girl behind the veil, the shadow behind the full moon, always lurking in the dark, arms flailing and never reaching out. I am the girl standing on the periphery of life, always looking out of the window and never taking a part. I’m the star, only coming out at night because I’m petrified […]


Often and again, I hear people talk about the things they’ve done. The things they’re into… And it just sucks. Really sucks.  I mean I’m thinking, ‘Whoa, how could you even do that?’  In all honesty, people go through stuff and whether you like it or not, it tends to shape how you think and […]


I’ve never seen God, not even once in all my years on earth.  But I’ve seen fragments and I’ve heard and read stories…  I live in just a tiny speck on earth’s continent but I’ve read about people and places that exist in other spheres.  I’ve read about a God that divided the sea for […]